2The Sony MDR-1ABT has become quite a threat to all other headphones in it’s category and class. These wireless headphones have great features like Bluetooth 4.0 for easy connectivity¬†and Near Field Communication. On the right earcup it has a built in touch sensor for added user convenience.

How Much Is The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

The suggest retail price of the latest wireless headphones in the MDR lineup is $294.00.

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Who Would Buy The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

Features and functions are getting bolder and looking better and better in most headphone brands. For headphone lovers it has been rare to find a set that brings together decent audio quality and very good aesthetics in the past. The Sony MDR-1ABT is exactly what people have been waiting for with this combination of features. They will be lining up for this Sony contraption no doubt about it.

Things We Like About The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

The Sony MDR-1ABT at first glance looks bulky. But the plush and comfortable feel will fade away that impression, not to mention how good they look. The padding is soft and thick, and the space of the earcups provides comfort during long periods of usage.

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