Samsung UE48JS9000 UK ModelFeaturing Samsung’s curved LED screen display, the Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model measures a somewhat modest 48 inches, with 4K Ultra HD technology, which renders content in HD quality that is 4x the normal resolution of HD. It comes with the Smart TV feature, which allows access to the TV and App Store and various other functionalities.

How Much Is The Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model?

The estimated price of the Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model once it comes out is somewhere around $3,900.00.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model?

Immersive viewing is what most people nowadays are looking for in their TV screens, regardless of the screen size. That could be accomplished with the quality of the resolution. But with the right design and aesthetics, achieving that aim is also made easier. Thus, Samsung is looking for more ways to make it possible for TV viewers the world over to achieve that immersive viewing experience they so desire.

Things We Like About The Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model

The new 48-inch high-end curved Ultra HD 4K LED LCD TV from Samsung is set to make waves, and we personally think it is a very promising unit. The curved design certainly makes for more immersive viewing, which is what most viewers are after. The curved design also easily reduces glare and reflections – usual complaints with flat screens. Read the rest of this entry