7The XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV is one of the latest releases from Sony in its bid to come up with the thinnest TV so far. Based on Google’s Android TV platform, it features a 55-inch display that supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and Motionflow XR960, and other functions such as Voice search and Google Cast.

How Much?
Sony has not yet released any information on how much the XBR-55X900C is expected to be sold for.

Who Would Buy The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
Android TV seems to be one of the latest trends in television, and those who are always on the lookout for advanced options in their TV viewing and enjoyment are sure to get in on the bandwagon. Fans of the Android platform will definitely love how they can take advantage of their favorite features and apps using a high quality TV and not just in their hand-held gadgets and devices.

Things We Like About The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
These days, it seems “the thinner, the better” is becoming the mantra when it comes to the next generation televisions. We all loved our flat screens, and if we can have a unit that is even slimmer, it’s sure to pique our curiosity.
The Sony XBR-55X900C is supposedly even thinner than when three coins are stacked together. Now that is pretty impressive! Enjoy the images and pictures without the bezel, thanks to its ultra-slim floating style.
The best part is how picture quality is not affected by this thinness. It still features the brilliant TRILUMINOS display, which allows us to watch our favorite shows as they are rendered in brilliant, vivid color.
Similarly, it also has another one of Sony’s signature features, the Motionflow XR 960, which provides motion clarity, so what you see on the screen is more realistic and life-like than ever.
Since it is based on the Android TV platform, we can take advantage of many features that can only be enjoyed using Android. For example, you can fully put the Voice Search feature to use. Google Cast is also available, and you can access your favorite apps through your TV screen just by logging into the Google Play Store. It’s pretty convenient, and even increases the amount of content you can enjoy in your TV.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
At this point, it’s still hard to say if the XBR-55X900C has any bad features, or if the ultra-slimness also has a downside.

Sony is sure to cover this product with appropriate guarantees, but they have not yet officially released any information.

Is The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV Worth The Money?
From what little information we know so far about the XBR-55X900C, it looks like it is going to be one investment worth making.

Where Can I Buy The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
Sony stores and distributors, as well as online retailers, will definitely have the XBR-55X900C 4K HD TV available for sale once it is released. Amazon is also bound to keep it in stock, and will even give customers a chance to score their unit while availing of their Free Shipping program.

Final Thoughts For The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
Although it is still too early to tell whether the Sony XBR-55X900C is going to be the world’s slimmest TV, it does look promising, and is sure to deliver viewing pleasure unlike any other!


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