Product ReviewSony HDTV XBR-85X950

The 85-inch Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 4K Ultra HD TV offers picture quality that is four times clearer than full HD 1080p, a TRILUMINOS Display, Motionflow XR 960, and built-in Wi-Fi. Sony HDTV XBR-85X950

How Much?

At the moment, Sony has not yet made any announcement on how much the Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 4K Ultra HD TV will be selling for. We will keep you posted.

Who Would Buy This?

Who doesn’t want to bring the cinema into their home? Those who are looking for a highly immersive TV viewing experience, with a large screen, amazing picture quality, and equally amazing sound, will be greatly impressed with the Sony HDTV XBR-85X950.

Things We Like

So you love watching things in HD. Now imagine watching your favorite video – in HD, and in a screen that measures 85 inches diagonally. You will no longer be blamed for staying home to watch on your Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 instead of going out to the movies. You can practically have your own cinema in your very own living room!

One remarkable feature of the Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 is its full array local dimming XDR PRO feature. This boasts a brightness range that is 3x more than that of conventional LED TVs. In fact, many agree that the Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 has one of the best LED arrays seen in HD TVs today.

Of course, we also like the HDMI 2.0 with 4K support that is offered by this model. This way, you can still access next generation 4K content. Speaking of access, streaming videos from the web is one great source of media viewing content, and the built-in Wi-Fi of the XBR-85X950 is very effective at doing this. It also features NFC-enabled mobile device screen mirroring. This means you no longer have to squint hard to check out what’s on your smartphone or tablet. Instead, let it be presented on your 85-inch screen so you can see it better!

Things We Don’t Like

Coming up with a list of things we don’t like about the Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 is not yet possible, since this product has not yet hit the market.


The Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 4K Ultra HD TV is covered by a limited warranty for a period of 18 months from Sony.

Is It Worth The Money?

Although we still have no idea how much the Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 will be selling for, there is no doubt that it is one television that you could not turn away from. With so many amazing features, you won’t regret spending on this particular model.

Where Can I Buy?

Sony is definitely going to be selling the Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 in its stores – both online and mortar-and-brick stores. Of course, you can also go to other legitimate stores and retailers, or shop online at Amazon, where this product will most likely be made available at a discount. It may also be eligible for free shipping.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on making an upgrade when it comes to your home entertainment machines, then why not make sure it’s a big one? You are sure to fall in love with the 85-inch Sony HDTV XBR-85X950 4K Ultra HD TV once it’s out.


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