Product ReviewSony HDTV XBR-65X850

Among the key features found in the 65-inch Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV includes 4K ultra high definition technology with HDMI 2.0 support, Triluminos display, Dynamic Edge LED backlight, built-in Wi-Fi, and one-touch mirroring.

How Much?

The original price of the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV, which is expected for release on October, is $6,499.99. But a price cut put it down to only $4,499.99.Sony HDTV XBR-65X850

Who Would Buy This?

Everyone’s keen to get a piece of the 4k Ultra HD viewing action, and to get the most of it, most would prefer to watch on a larger screen display. That’s what makes the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV the perfect choice for such a demanding market.


Things We Like

A large screen offering clear, brilliant, and life-like display. That’s what you’ll immediately see once you lay eyes on the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV. But there’s a lot more to this TV than meets the eye. It is HD, but it is 4x better than the regular 1080p HD resolution quality we have come to expect – and love – from Sony’s line of HDTV products.

Clearly, Sony is also covering all its bases for the future. It equipped this model with HDMI 2.0 support for future or next generation 4K video formats, and even offers the upgrades for free.

We also appreciate how the 4K Ultra HD Media Player is already preloaded with free short videos, and also immediately connects to Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K service. Getting 1 year access to Netflix and HuluPlus is also something we could not help but like about this model.

With 4 pairs of 3D glasses, more enjoyment of the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV, particularly its active 3D capability is guaranteed. As for connectivity, we like how you can control your TV with your smartphone or other Android or iOS device. Using your device, you can browse the channel guide, look up information on the internet about the show you’re watching, and even follow tweets in real-time while you’re at it!

Things We Don’t Like

The Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV’s Dynamic Edge LED backlighting, which provides edge-lit local dimming. It would have been better if they used full-array local dimming instead.


Sony offers a limited warranty for 18 months for the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV.

 Is It Worth The Money?

Discount or no discount, the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV is definitely a very good investment.

 Where Can I Buy?

Aside from the Sony store, Amazon is another place online where you can make your purchase of the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV. It is also likely to include this product under its Free Shipping program, so you’ll end up saving more.

Final Thoughts

For the most immersive and most interactive TV experience ever, enjoy the highest resolution, most brilliant color, most realistic motion, and most seamless connectivity features offered by the Sony HDTV XBR-65X850 4K Ultra HD TV.


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