Product ReviewSony HDTV XBR-55X850

The 55-inch Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV redefines clarity and detail by offering 4x the clarity of full HD 1080 resolution, 4K X-Reality PRO, Motionflow XR-960, TRILUMINOS display technology, and a Dynamic Edge LED backlight. Its built-in Wi-Fi also expands your media content source.

How Much?

Originally, the Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV was available for $4,499.99, but now it has been discounted to only $2,999.99.Sony HDTV XBR-55X850

Who Would Buy This?

TV viewers who put a high value on detail, clarity and color would definitely place the Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV high on their shopping list. Users who also enjoy watching videos from sites such as Netflix and Hulu Plus are also expected to line up to get their hands on this beauty.

Things We Like

We already love the full HD 1080p display of Sony’s latest line of HDTVs. However, once converted to 4K ultra HD viewing, the picture is much sharper and clearer, and the details become more defined and accurate. Even the non-HD online content streamed directly from online sites will look HD when shown on the 55-inch LED backlit screen.

One standout feature of the Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV is the PC/Game quality you’ll get from it. There are no blurring or lagging, and the monitor certainly amps up your competitive streak, since you’ll be watching your game interface in 4K ultra high definition.

The design of this TV is also appreciated by many. It has a thin profile, so space is not a problem. There are no large or silly-looking speakers on the side bar edge, but you still get very clear and loud sound.

Of course, another thing to like about the Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV is the availability of content on the media player, including demos and new movies and TV shows.

Sony also chose to give this unit an HDMI 2.0 firmware, which you can upgrade in the future. This is a sign of preparedness for future innovations and advancements in 4K ultra high definition technology, a move that does not go unacknowledged and unappreciated by users.

 Things We Don’t Like

The manual of the Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV could do with a bit of improvement. It’s not as detailed or as informative as one would expect, especially from a 250-page manual.


The warranty card of the Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV is good for a period of 18 months.

 Is It Worth The Money?

With the recent price cut on this product, it has become, more than ever before, worth your hard-earned money. This is one purchase you’ll never regret for a long time to come.

 Where Can I Buy?

You can now buy the Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV directly from the Sony store, or you can also take advantage of the discounts and the free shipping promo being offered on Amazon for this product.

 Final Thoughts

When regular HD just doesn’t cut it anymore, then go 4K! The Sony HDTV XBR-55X850 4K Ultra HD TV will give you the highest – and best – HD experience you have ever seen.


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