Product ReviewSony HDTV KDL65W950

The Sony HDTV KDL65W950 lives up to its name of being the Ultimate LED HDTV, with features such as a TRILUMINOS display, Dynamic Edge LED with X-tended Dynamic Range for 2x brightness, Motionflow XR 480, and built-in Wi-Fi.

How Much?

At the moment, the price for the Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV is not yet known.Sony HDTV KDL65W950

Who Would Buy This?

The Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV is the perfect television for those who have high and exacting standards when it comes to picture quality, particularly on scene movement, color and clarity.

 Things We Like

We already like how clear, sharp and crisp the images produced by Sony HDTV models are. However, with the Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV, those things have taken a major step up. The TRILUMINOS display renders each scene more spectacular, making the colors more brilliant than ever. The Dynamic Edge LED with X-tended Dynamic Range also increases the brightness range twice. In tandem with Sony’s exclusive X-Reality PRO and the lifelike movement with Motionflow XR 480, you won’t be blamed for forgetting that you are watching something unfold on a 65-inch screen. Instead, you’ll feel as if you are watching the real thing!

The loud and clear surround sound of the Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV is even more enhanced by the larger speakers that come with the new iconic TV design of this model. This certainly contributes a lot in making each scene and each image look more realistic. Even if the video you are watching is streamed online through the unit’s built-in Wi-Fi function, you won’t have to worry about picture quality suffering, because the Sony HDTV KDL65W950 can stream HD entertainment wirelessly to the screen.

You can also enjoy watching with others, even if they are on the other side of the globe. This is made possible by Social Viewing, a feature that lets you follow tweets and even Skype while watching.

 Things We Don’t Like

With such amazing and very useful features, it is hard to find anything not to like about the Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV.


The Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV has a 12-month limited warranty from the manufacturer.

 Is It Worth The Money?

If you are wondering whether to invest your money on a television, and you don’t know which model to buy, then let us make things easy for you. Choose the Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV and you’ll immediately realize that it is worth the money you spent on it.

Where Can I Buy?

Currently this item is not yet in stock. Once it released, expect it to be available from Sony, as well as Amazon, where you can buy it and avail of special discounts and other offers, including Free Shipping.

 Final Thoughts

It’s not called the ‘ultimate’ LED HDTV for nothing. The Sony HDTV KDL65W950 Ultimate LED HDTV is exactly what you need if you are looking for the ultimate entertainment and viewing experience.


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