Product ReviewSony HDTV KDL60W850

Sony has outdone itself once again, coming up with a new and more user-friendly design in the Sony HDTV KDL60W850. Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and outstanding video, image, and sound quality, this premium LED TV promises to become yet another classic and bestseller. Sony HDTV KDL60W850

How Much?

The Sony HDTV KDL60W850, which has an estimated ship-out date set on March 13, 2014, is now available for preorder at the price of $2,299.99.

Who Would Buy This?

Anyone who wants to have a TV with excellent picture and sound quality will definitely want to have a Sony HDTV KDL60W850 in their living rooms. However, it becomes even more of a must-have for those who like edgy yet practical designs, because of its new iconic TV design. Making a statement in any room becomes easier because of the Sony HDTV KDL60W850.

Things We Like

As usual, you can rely on Sony to deliver when it comes to crisp, clear, and detailed picture quality and life-like movement. After all, their X-Reality PRO and Motionflow XR 480 technologies never fail to impress.

However, if there is one thing that should be lauded about this model, it is its new design. This does not look like your usual LED television, and that’s actually a great thing. This new design definitely works with traditional wall mounts for television, and you also have a TV stand that can be easily adjustable to accommodate small to large tables.

But there is another perk to the design. You see, the new design means the speakers are larger which, in turn, enhances the sound capabilities as well as sound quality of the Sony HDTV KDL60W850. Consider this a bonus, since you are already enjoying the fine, clear and larger than life sound quality produced by Sony’s Clear Audio+. With the enhancement contributed by the larger speakers, you are in for the best sound quality you’ve ever had the opportunity to listen to.

Things We Don’t Like

Seeing as this model is yet to be released, it is hard to tell what is there not to like about the Sony HDTV KDL60W850, since it seems to have all the qualities everyone is looking for.


The Sony HDTV KDL60W850 comes with a limited warranty covering a term of 12 months.

Is It Worth The Money?

The 60-inch Sony HDTV KDL60W850 premium LED TV, with is user-friendly features and useful capabilities, is definitely worth every cent of the price you will pay for it. Others may deem it a bit pricey, but considering what you’ll get in return, every dollar you shell out is a dollar well-spent.

Where Can I Buy?

Once the pre-order period is over, expect to see the Sony HDTV KDL60W850 being sold in the Sony online store, as well as other online retailers such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

They say you cannot put a price on ingenuity and innovation. Luckily for you, you have the chance to own a piece of this high quality innovation in the Sony HDTV KDL60W850.


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