Product ReviewSony HDTV KDL55W800

With a lot of optimization choices, the Sony HDTV KDL55W800 is a 55-inch LED TV that offers excellent video and audio quality, internet connectivity, and a wide range of features and capabilities that you can easily manipulate to suit you best.  Sony HDTV KDL55W800

How Much?

Right now, the price of the Sony HDTV KDL55W800 falls at $1,849.00.

Who Would Buy This?

The Sony HDTV KDL55W800 is perfect for anyone who is looking for a classic yet edgy wide screen television, with the best video quality and sound. As more and more people are discovering the joys of bringing the wonders of the internet in their living room, they are also looking for various tools to make that happen, and the various connectivity options offered by this model makes it the perfect choice.

Things We Like

With a lot of choices and capabilities offered by the Sony HDTV KDL55W800, what’s not to like? With this unit, it’s like you have a TV, a gaming console, and a web-cast screen, all rolled into one slim and sleek package. And it really is slim; in fact, it is one of the flattest flat screen televisions that ever hit the market.

With 8 viewing formats, 14 picture modes and 6 audio modes, versatility is certainly not a problem with the Sony HDTV KDL55W800. Of course, you would not be blamed if you cannot turn away from the excellent life-like 3D quality on the screen. And since you get four 3D glasses, you’d get to share the experience with others!

The one-touch mirroring function is also a wonderful feature of this unit. Thanks to this function, you can read content on your smartphone on your 55-inch screen. And this is not limited to your smartphone, since it can also connect and mirror your other handheld devices, provided they are compatible with the Sony HDTV KDL55W800.

Things We Don’t Like

The price could have been a bit lower, since it is somewhat expensive. It already offers great picture quality, but it would have been better if it also has a color management system on offer to further enhance the images.


The limited warranty that comes with the Sony HDTV KDL55W800 covers a period of 12 months or 1 year.

Is It Worth The Money?

While it is true that we find it somewhat expensive, when put all together, the overall look and the features of the Sony HDTV KDL55W800 make it worth the money. If you are to make an investment in an entertainment device, make it this one.

Where Can I Buy?

At the moment, the Sony HDTV KDL55W800 is currently out of stock in stores. However, in the event that it is restocked, you can buy it from the Sony store as well as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

No one can fault the Sony HDTV KDL55W800 when it comes to design, performance, and quality. The fact that it has a lot of optimization choices that will help you personalize and greatly improve your TV viewing experience is most definitely a welcome bonus.


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