Product ReviewSony HDTV KDL50W800

The Sony HDTV KDL50W800is a premium LED HDTV featuring a full HD resolution, X-Reality Pro color, clarity and detail, and Wi-Fi connectivity with Social Viewing capability for the ultimate interactive viewing experience.

How Much?

This model is expected to hit the market on March 6, 2014, but you can now be among the first to own. It’s now available for preorder at $1,399.99.Sony HDTV KDL50W800

Who Would Buy This?

Anyone looking for a stellar viewing experience on HD will definitely love the Sony HDTV KDL50W800. However, this unit is definitely going to be more appealing to users who spend a lot of time online, especially on social networks, and discussing their favorite movies and TV shows with other online users.

Things We Like

As expected from Sony’s latest line of LED HDTVs, the Sony HDTV KDL50W800 also boasts its proprietary technologies, such as the X-Reality PRO for the best image and video quality, Motionflow XR 480 for realistic scene movement, and Clear Audio+ for loud and clear surround sound. Of course, since it has built-in Wi-Fi, you will also have more options on what to view, considering you can wirelessly stream online videos from sites such as YouTube, Pandora, and Netflix, directly to your TV’s 50-inch LCD screen. And who doesn’t love its 3D features? It even comes with a pair of 3D glasses that you can use for a truly enjoyable 3D viewing experience!

But the real clincher for the Sony HDTV KDL50W800 is its Social Viewing capability, which allows you to “watch with the world”. Watch your favorite show, and follow the tweets about the exact same show you’re viewing. You can also connect to Skype and watch with your friends and family, even if they’re on the other side of the world!

 Things We Don’t Like

Considering how this model is still not available for sale and will be shipped out only on March, 2014, there are still no clear indications as to what could not be liked about the Sony HDTV KDL50W800, or if there are even any.


Just like most Sony HDTV models, the Sony HDTV KDL50W800 comes with a limited warranty with a 12-month coverage.

Is It Worth The Money?

Considering how this unit will widen your viewing horizons, all while maintaining the same high standard of picture, image, and sound quality, then every cent of the $1,399.99 you spend is definitely worth it.

Where Can I Buy?

Right now, the Sony HDTV KDL50W800 is available for preorder from Sony. Expect it to be available on Amazon once it hits the market, and take advantage of the deals and free shipping promo that is likely to come with this model.

Final Thoughts

Turn your living room into your portal to the world with the Sony HDTV KDL50W800. There is a lot of joy that can be had in sharing your favorite movies and TV shows with others, and the Wi-Fi capability and Social Viewing feature of this unit is definitely going to make that happen.


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