7The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV is one of the latest among Sony’s line of advanced and ultra-slim TVs. It’s also the biggest in the XBR range, loud and proud with its 75-inch screen and the “X1” processor, another 4k innovation from Sony.

How Much?
Sony has not yet made any formal announcements regarding the price and availability of this Android TV.

Who Would Buy The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV?
Android users will definitely have a blast being able to enjoy their preferred platform on a television. Discerning viewers who want things bigger and better are sure to enjoy watching their favorite content on this 75-inch 4K high-definition TV.

Things We Like About The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
The use of Google’s Android platform is one of the best things about the Sony XBR-75X900C. It opens a lot of doors and expanding one’s viewing repertoire, since there is more access to viewing content.
For example, Google Cast, a recent innovation from Google, allows users to steam audio from cloud sources directly into devices that have been enabled with Google Cast. Since Sony configured the XBR-75X900C as one of these Google Cast-ready devices, it also comes with this capability.
Let us not also discount its size. At 75 inches, the 4k resolution is going to be more pronounced and better than ever – sharper, clearer and more precise – thanks to the newest 4K processor”. On top of what is already a superior picture quality, this processor allows viewers to make the most of this unit’s upscaled resolution, vibrant colors and clear and dynamic images.
The ultra-friendly “One-flick entertainment” user interface is also featured in this model, making it every user’s dream TV.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
Right now, it is difficult to tell if there is anything not to like about the XBR-75X900C. Some are bound to think it’s too big, while others are already anticipating that it is going to come with a pretty heavy price tag. Until the announcement has been made, however, we will hold our judgments.

Knowing Sony, this product is sure to come with the appropriate warranties and product guarantee, especially against manufacturing defects.

Is The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV Worth The Money?
Sometimes, bigger is better. Many people are still willing to shell out significant amounts of money for quality and what is guaranteed to be a highly satisfying experience. There is no doubt that, once it is out this 2015, the Sony XBR-75900C 4K HD TV, with its Android TV platform, is going to be worth every cent spent on it.

Where Can I Buy The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV?
Expect the XBR-75X900C to hit major stores this year. It is also going to be available on Amazon, and is even likely to qualify for free shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV
Sony continues on its commitment to give everyone an excellent viewing experience, outdoing itself at every turn, and one solid proof of that is the Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV.


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