Product ReviewPanasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker

The Panasonic SB-ZB2502 packs the functionalities of three very useful kitchen appliances in one package: a bread maker, a raisins and nuts dispenser, and a yeast dispenser.

How Much?

Expected to be shipped out starting January 2016, the Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker has a suggested retail price of $299.00.Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker

Who Would Buy This?

As things get busier and busier in our everyday lives, we are looking for more innovative tools that will be able to keep up with this rapid pace. Food and meals preparation is one such area where people are constantly looking for help. The Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker is going to be a great help, since it is a multi-tasking tool that will do more than one function and basically make life easier for everyone. This will definitely be grabbed by people who are always on the go, as well as those who are looking for healthier options for their food preparation.

 Things We Like

The mere fact that this one machine can do three things is already a very good thing. You no longer have to purchase a bread maker, a separate dispenser for raisins and nuts, and YET another dispenser for yeast. The Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker can do all those things, saving you a lot of money, not to mention a lot of space on your kitchen countertop.

Of course, another thing that we absolutely like about this bread maker is its gluten-free mode. It does not remove the gluten; that’s not how it works. Instead, what it does is to ensure that the resulting bread that is baked, using gluten-free ingredients that you put in, comes out exactly the way you like it. Who says healthy food cannot taste heavenly? Certainly not the Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker. Now gluten-free bread can actually be very tasty, since this bread maker is designed to ensure the baked bread will turn out its best.

 Things We Don’t Like

We are not quite sure there is anything to dislike about the Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker. Anything that saves a lot of time, effort and money when it comes to preparing food is a definite winner in our books!


Since this product is not yet out, information on warranties and guarantees are not yet released by the manufacturer.

 Is It Worth The Money?

A multi-tasking kitchen equipment is definitely worth the money, especially considering the amount of money, time and other resources that it will save you when it comes to baking your bread and preparing food.

 Where Can I Buy?

The Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker is sure to be available from Panasonic this coming 2016. Merchants such as Amazon are also likely to hold it in their inventory and, knowing Amazon, it may come with great deals and discounts, as well as Free Shipping.

 Final Thoughts

Your kitchen would not be complete without the Panasonic SB-ZB2502 Bread Maker with its Yeast and Raisin and Nut Dispenser. If you’re going to spend on one kitchen implement, this one should definitely be it.


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